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JÖRG IMMENDORFF (1945 - 2007) Monkey with Bouquet | 2005 | Bronze | 83 x 34 x 80 cm | "Achenbach Art Auction" on 17 - 20 June 2015 | Result: € 95.200

HEINZ MACK (1931) Dynamic structures in black | 1962 | Synthetic resin on nettle | 129,5 x 170cm | 354th Sale "Contemporary Art" on 3 June 2015 | Result: 486.400 euros

GUSTAVE LOISEAU (1865-1935) Au bord d'Eure en printemps | Oil on canvas | 64,5 x 80cm | 351st Sale "Fine Art" on 15 May 2015 | Result: 179.200 euros

SPLENDID GOLDSMITH'S WORKS OF THE HISTORICISM from a Rhenish Private Collection | 352nd Sale "European Applied Arts" on 16 May 2015 | Result: 68.000 euros

GERHARD RICHTER (1932) Untitled | 2008 | Oil over colour offset on catalogue page (?) | 29,5 x 21 cm | "Achenbach Art Auction" on 17 - 20 June 2015 | Result: € 316.250

NATURAL-PEARL-DIAMANT-COLLIER Germany | Ca. 1970 | 350th Sale "Jewellery & Watches" on 15 May 2015 | Result:83.200 euros

KONRAD KLAPHEK (1935) Preparatory drawing for the painting "fate" | about 1978 | Mixed media on canvas | 238,5 x 209cm | 354th Sale "Contemporary Art" on 3 June 2015 | Result: 281.600 euros


THANGKA. BUDDHA SHAKYAMUNI Tibet | 17th century | 104 x 74,5 cm | 356th Sale "Asian Art" on 6 June 2015 | Result: 61.440 euros

KARL HOFER (1878 - 1955) Girl with amaryllis | Ca. 1936 | Oil on cardboard | 91 x 71 cm | 353rd Sale "Modern Art" on 3 June 2015 | Result: 166.400 euros

WILLI BAUMEISTER (1889 - 1955) "Relief-Bild farbig" | 1952 | Oil and synthetic resin on fibre | 65 x 81 cm | 353rd Sale "Modern Art" on 3 June 2015 | Result: 153.600 euros

SIGMAR POLKE (1941-2010) Untitled | 1995 | Mixed media on light cardboard | 69,5 x 99cm | 354th Sale "Contemporary Art" on 3 June 2015 | Result: 102.400 euros


Please note that we are closed on Friday, 28 August because of an company event. On Saturday, August 29, we are open from 10am to 1pm as usual.


We welcome consignments of collections, estates or single objects until up to two month before to the auction. We would be glad to provide you with information about current market conditions and offer complimentary estimates of your works of art.


Van Ham Auctions

This traditional auction house in Cologne was founded in 1959. Since then Van Ham has been a successful family run business in the dealing of art. The successful Modern Art and Contemporary Art auctions are counted among Van Ham's pillars of success. Among 19th Century Painting auctions, Van Ham is one of the highest grossing auction houses in Germany and provides first rate bids for its customers.

The Cologne auction house VAN HAM is constructing a modern building in the south of the Cologne. The new premises are set to open during the summer of 2014. The building's spacious design provides ample room for art of all areas, ranging from the Old Masters to Contemporary Art.

Successful Auctions

Van Ham carries out 12 international auctions annually, which consist of various fields such as: European Applied Arts, Jewelry, Photography, as well as Rugs and Carpets. Illustrated catalogues- which are also available online- and showroom previews at the Cologne based auction house can aid in preparation for the respective auctions of interest. All pieces included in the auctions will be listed on our website under as well as on the relevant art dealing platforms.

Artwork to Sell

Our art experts can provide you with accurate market value estimates on your art piece, free of charge. For this please provide us with a completed object evaluation form and include further information such as images of the object(s). Our art experts are located in various cities and are at your disposal to evaluate your collection/ piece and advise you of your chances of selling on the art market.