Dr. Ismar Littmann Collection

VAN HAM Restitutions

A few years ago, the exceptional work by Alexander Kanoldt from 1926 entitled Still Life with Guitar was successfully restituted. This is a painting from the Dr. Ismar Littmann collection, a Jewish lawyer who owned more than 300 paintings and over 5,000 illustrations by renowned artists such as Max Pechstein, Erich Heckel, Otto Müller and Alexander Kanoldt. Littmann lived in Breslau and was known as the patron of cultural life. When the Nazis came into power, his art collection was removed. Financially ruined and a social outcast, Littmann ended his life in 1934.

In 1935 Stuttgart Gallery Association purchased the painting by Alexander Kanoldt and it remained at the Stuttgart State Gallery until 2008. VAN HAM was entrusted with the sale of the painting by its rightful heirs in the fall of 2013.

Alexander Kanoldt (1881 - 1939), Still Life with Guitar (Still Life VI), 1926, Oil on Canvas, 75 x 88 cm. Result: € 193.750 (Int. Auction Record), "Modern Art" Auction on November 28, 2013