Jacques Goudstikker Collection

VAN HAM Restitutions

Jacques Goudstikker was considered the most important art dealer of his time. In May 1940, he fled with his wife Dési and his son Eduard aboard the SS Graven in fear of being persecuted by the Nazis. At this time, Goudstikker's collection consisted of approximately 1,400 works of art, which he left to his employees. During this trip, Jacques Goudstikker was killed in a tragic accident. At the time of his death, he had with him a little black book listing the complete inventory of his art collection. Because of this book, which Dési Goudstikker kept with her, it is now possible to restore the collection.

Hermann Göring and his accomplice Alois Miedl deceptively bargained with art dealers to obtain Goudstikker's entire fortune, which they partly sold for a huge profit. After the war, nearly 300 of these paintings were returned to the Dutch government, which also did not take responsibly for returning the paintings to their rightful heir, Dési Goudstikker. Instead, the paintings were transferred or auctioned to institutions and public collections, in spite of Dési Goudstikker's legal battles with the Dutch state. The painting offered at VAN HAM entitled River Landscape with Rapids by Allart van Everdingen, was once part of the Goudstikker collection. The research conducted at VAN HAM clearly indicates that Göring sold this painting to Miedl, who then left it for auction at the Hans W. Lange auction house in December 1940.

With the approval of Goudstikker's daughter-in-law, Saher, this painting, as well as two others, were sold in the fall auction at VAN HAM 2013. Saher is currently fighting to reclaim the entire collection. VAN HAM made contact with the heirs or their legal representatives in order to clarify the restitution claims and to find a fair and equitable solution for all parties. Thanks to VAN HAM's professional mediation, the respective parties were able to agree on a restitution.

Allart van Everdingen (1621 - 1675) attributed, Mountain Landscape with Waterfall, Oil on Wood, 26,5 x 32cm.
Result: € 5.000, "Fine Art" Auction in November 15, 2013.