Jean Leppien

9/52 LXIX, Grande fête champêtre | 1952 | Oil on fibreboard | 155,5 x 118,5cm | Price: € 18,000

In the 1940s and 1950s Bauhaus student Jean Leppien creates works with curved and straight lines. Abstract forms and colored small areas structure the picture surface and create an expressive rhythm. Leppien is among the main representatives of geometric abstraction.

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Karl Fred Dahmen

"Komposition II" | 1952 | Mixed media on canvas | 43 x 69cm | Price: € 8,000

Karl Fred Dahmen's informal works of the 1950s are characterized by graphically structured surface forms and are influenced by his involvement with his French artist colleagues of the "Nouvelle École des Paris". The work formulates itself as object art in the 1960s, although Dahmen continues with painting on canvas in the 1970s.

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Sarah Schumann

"Der Vilm und seine Landwirtschaft" | 2011 | Pigment painting on canvas | 80 x 80cm | Price: € 8,000

Collagist and painter Sarah Schumann discursively explores "horror and beauty" in her work. The poetic images capture the view of human existence and its surroundings. In the context of sociopolitical upheaval, Schumann co-curated the important exhibition "Women Artists International 1877-1977."

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Bernd Berner

Ohne Titel | 1988 | Oil and acrylic on canvas | 60 x 50cm | Price: € 4,200

Throughout his life, the painter Bernd Berner pursues the exploration of the themes "surface - color - space", which leads to his expressive surface spaces. The nuanced and differentiated overlapping and condensation of color surfaces creates a pulsating effect that captivates the viewer.

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Detlev Foth

Nachtwald I | 2019 | Oil on canvas | 80 x 80cm | Price: € 3,400

The expressive contemporary artist Detlev Foth is known for his expressive figuration. The oil painting of the Düsseldorf Academy graduate testifies to a significant color variation, which manifests itself in the natural phenomena through an amazing scale of gradations and through contrasting color values.

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Friedrich Gräsel

RP 9 | 1978 | steel, welded and burnished | 17 x 17 x 51cm | Price: € 1,500

The work of the sculptor Friedrich Gräsel includes figurative vegetal ceramics and in particular so-called tubular sculptures made of metal and red plastic. The source of inspiration is the urbanity of the 1970s and the fascination with industrially produced materials, which are reflected in the clarity of the modern formal language.

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Alfonso Hüppi

Ohne Titel | 1974 | Wood, casein, nettle | 33 x 23,2 x 1,6cm | Price: € 2,800

Alfonso Hüppi creates unconventional artworks ranging from spontaneous hand drawings to sculptural murals. His work stands for an abstract sensuality and teasing humor. A central theme in his works is the motif of the tree.

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VAN HAM Art Publications

Karl Hofer - Catalogue raisonné of paintings | 2008 | Price: € 99

The three volumes with 2,900 paintings were compiled by Karl Bernhard Wohlert. Karl Hofer's œuvre covers a creative period of about 57 years and falls into the period from 1898 to 1955, i.e. into the extremely exciting and tense period of the transition from Art Nouveau to Classical Modernism.

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VAN HAM Art Store

VAN HAM is considered as the innovation driver in the auction business and presents with the VAN HAM Art Store an online shop that permanently offers an exciting range of art, available around the clock. Purchase art from a rotating selection of works by VAN HAM Art Estate artists such as Karl Fred Dahmen, Friedrich Gräsel, Alfonso Hüppi, Jean Leppien, or Sarah Schumann. All curated exhibitions of the Art Estate are accompanied by a sales catalogue of the works with prices. In addition, the entire VAN HAM Art Publications offering is available for sale online. Find among them the catalogue raisonné of Karl Hofer or Otto Mueller.

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