SØR Rusche Collection - Biggest Auction of Contemporary Art in Germany

Dr. Dr. Thomas Rusche speaks about the thematically curated ONLINE ONLY auction "Inside/Outside" and highlights two of the works. He describes what the title of the auction means and how Mitja Ficko and Jan Dörre deal with this topic.
(Video in German)

Auction dates:

View Auction   Part V: Old Masters meet Contemporaries, 14.5.2020

View Auction   ONLINE ONLY: Madness, 6.-19.3.2020

View Auction   
ONLINE ONLY: Inside/Outside,  5.-18.2.2020

View Auction   ONLINE ONLY: Human Interaction, 10.-23.1.2020 

View Auction   Part IV: 27.11.2019 

View Auction   Part III - ONLINE ONLY: 27.9.-10.10.2019 

View Auction   Part II: 2.10.2019 

View Auction   Part I: 29.5.2019

The SØR Rusche Collection has been collected by four generations of the Rusche fashion house family. It consists of paintings by Dutch masters of the 17th century, juxtaposed with works by contemporary artists. The collection already achieved lots of auction records at VAN HAM in Cologne Now we have the opportunity to also offer the Old Masters of the collection and to bring them into dialogue with contemporary art in the auction on 14 May 2020.

"We have decided to sell the corporate collection of SØR Rusche GmbH in order to finance the digital transformation of the company and to secure the jobs of the employees in the long term," explains Thomas Rusche, Managing Director of SØR Rusche GmbH. The decision in favour of VAN HAM was made not least because of the successful auction of the legendary Rheingold collection at the Achenbach Art Auction, which was followed with great media attention and whose scope and volume has now been exceeded once again. For Thomas Rusche, the realization in this dimension could only be realized through the expertise, infrastructure and the different auction variants at VAN HAM. This is the largest auction of contemporary art in Germany.

"5 Sterne Kunst"   Article by Dr Teresa Bischoff (In German)


On request we will send you the PDF catalogues or print catalogues of past SØR Rusche Collection auctions. Please send us an e-mail to info@van-ham.com or order at:
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150 contemporary works (...) all found a buyer and achieved 2.5 million euros as well as numerous records - for example, Neo Rauch's "Nachhut" for 161.250 euros, which marks the top price for a bronze by the artist. 
Weltkunst, September 2019

The sale of the SØR Rusche Collection, organised by Markus Eisenbeis, was a resounding success: VAN HAM reported a White Glove Sale without a single drop (...) and raised more than 2.5 million euros - twice as much as expected.
WirtschaftsWoche, 1 June 2019

Record prices for young artists crown the complete sellout."
Handelsblatt, May 30, 2019

Highlights of the auctions

Jonas Burgert (1969)

„Trotzer“ | 2008
Estimate: € 18,000
Result: € 47,500



Alicja Kwade (1979)

"Kohle"| 2006
Estimate: € 12,000
Result: € 59,500
Int. auctionrecord for the artist 



Nicola Samorì (1977)

„Storia Naturale (Blessing)“ | 2013
Estimate: € 4,000
Result: € 40,000
Int. auctionrecord for the artist 



Markus Matthias Krüger (1981)

"Überschwemmtes Dorf" | 2011
Estimate: € 1,200
Result: € 21,000
Int. auctionrecord for the artist 



Justine Otto (1974)

„falscher hase“ | 2012
Estimate: € 2,500
Result: € 24,000
Int. auctionrecord for the artist 



David Schnell (1971)

"Tal" | 2012
Estimate: € 10,000
Result: € 59,500



Johannes Rochhausen (1981)

"Atelieransicht X" | 2008 
Estimate: € 800
Result: € 25,500
Int. auctionrecord for the artist 



Martin Eder (1968)

"Unschuld" | 2010
Estimate: € 8,000
Result: € 44,500