One of a Kind – Online Only

26 April - 09 May 2019


26 April to 09 May 2019, 6pm CET

No 1 - 94


One of a Kind

"One of a Kind" focuses on works of modern and contemporary painting. The auction includes more than 90 paintings on canvas or paper, ink or pencil drawings and collages. With renowned artists such as Rolf Cavael, Bernard Schultze, Karl Otto Götz, Mersad Berber and Gustave Signier we provide a varied auction offer.

With works by the following artists:

Aichinger, Hans | Anatol Herzfeld (Karl Heinz Herzfeld) | Ardurini. Enzo | Armando (Herman Dirk van Dodeweerd) | Asada, Hiroshi | Baer, Monika | Bandau, Joachim | Bauermeister, Mary | Bechtold, Erwin | Berber, Mersad | Bohrmann, Karl | Brandl, Herbert | Cavael, Rolf | Christian, Abraham David | Dahmen, Karl Fred | Dargas, Mike | Dorny, Bertrand | Droese, Felix | Drühl, Sven | Fohn, Emanuel | Friedländer, Johnny | Gejer, Teresa | Götz, Karl Otto | Hanak, Andrea | Harding, Alexis | Herkenrath, Peter | Höckelmann, Antonius | Jahns, Rudolf | Lager, Tord | Liesegang, Helmuth | Lieshout, Erik van | Lokai, Bernard | Martini, Gerard | Matschinsky, Martin  | Matschinsky-Denninghoff, Brigitte | Messina, Vittorio | Meyer, Jürgen | Mordstein, Karl Ludwig | Müller, Thomas | Neumann, Max | Noel, Georges | NOT BANKSY and NOT BY BANKSY (Stot21STCplanB) | NOT BY BANKSY BY NOT NOT BANKSY (STOT21STCPLANB) | Novoa, Leopoldo | Prangenberg, Norbert | Reichel, Hans | Rückriem, Ulrich | Schad, Robert | Schoofs, Rudolf | Schultze, Bernard | Siepmann, Heinrich | Spindel, Ferdinand | Stöhrer, Walter | Tadeusz, Norbert | Tumarki, Igael | Vásquez de la Horra, Sandra | Vogt, Peter | Wildemann, Heinrich


The online catalogue will be available from April 26th.

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