Modern Art – Online Only

10th May - 23rd May 2019


10th May to 23rd May 2019, 6pm CET

No 1 - 82


Modern Art

Once again, following an epoch-specific theme, the online auction "Modern Art" offers an exciting range of auctions covering a broad variance of 20th-century avant-garde art. Discover an interesting collection of modern drawings, prints and paintings, including works by artists such as Pablo Picasso, Hans Arp, Georges Braque, Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí, Max Liebermann and Oskar Kokoschka.

With works by the following artists:

Armitage, Kenneth | Arp, Hans (Jean) | Bissier, Julius Heinrich | Braque, Georges | Buffet, Bernard | Chagall, Marc | Corinth, Lovis | Dalí, Salvador | Dix, Otto | Feininger, Lyonel | Felixmüller, Conrad | Fohn, Emanuel | Heckel, Erich | Hofer, Karl | Kanoldt, Alexander | Kokoschka, Oskar | Kubin, Alfred | Léger, Fernand | Liebermann, Max | Lurcat, Jean | Marcks, Gerhard | Miró, Joan | Moore, Henry | Picasso, Pablo | Poliakoff, Serge | Roux, Georges | Schad, Christian | Sigg, Hermann Alfred | Trimborn, Hans | Ury, Lesser | Vlaminck, Maurice de | Vogeler, Heinrich | Zorn, Anders Leonard


The online catalogue will be available from May 10th.

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