SØR Rusche Collection - Inside/Outside – ONLINE ONLY

5 to 18 January 2020


5 to 18 January 2020, 6pm CET

The second online auction of the SØR Rusche Collection this year is dedicated to the contemporary examination of the themes of interior and exterior space. Both are subjects that have a long tradition in the history of painting in the form of interiors and landscapes.

In contemporary art, the theme of the landscape has above all a critical tone. The work and intervention of human beings in nature with its sometimes catastrophic consequences become visible. But also the melancholically yearning view of nature that has accompanied the subject over the centuries is still relevant.

The theme of the interior has also been adapted. The artists sound out different spatial impressions, place objects or persons in relation to the space and suggest stories that ask to be explored.

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Dr. Dr. Thomas Rusche speaks about the thematically curated ONLINE ONLY auction "Inside/Outside" and highlights two of the works. He describes what the title of the auction means and how Mitja Ficko and Jan Dörre deal with this topic.
(Video in German)