SØR Rusche Collection - Madness – ONLINE ONLY

6 to 19 March 2020


6 to 19 March 2020, 6pm CET

“Madness” expresses best what you can find in this online auction. A hotchpotch of artistic freedom. Here contemporary art draws on the entire range of modern, postmodern, futurist, surrealist, Informel, Op and Pop Art and mixes them into a flood of images of personal feelings. Everyday, almost banal things are depicted here, sometimes grotesquely, sometimes fantastically, but in any case extraordinarily. Like the snowman by Irene Bisang. Usually a good-natured symbol of Christmas and comfort, combined with childlike joy, Bisang suddenly disenchants it by giving it a machine gun, with which it apparently expertly aims at a target. Uncertain, one wonders what or even whom this actually cute comrade will shoot so resolutely.

You also get uneasy when watching Via Lewandowsky's "From Oil to Gas #8". Comparable to the works of Lucio Fontana, here the artist extends the common idea that a work of art is something that takes place on a canvas and makes art out of a controlled destructive process that takes place with the canvas. The laconic title gives the whole work the appearance of a series of experiments and makes one think of the laboratory of a mad professor.

The works of art in this online auction take us on a journey through the absurdities and dream worlds of being an artist and today's freedom to show what one thinks is right and important.

Freedom is also expressed by the lady on Christian Achenbach's work "Starlight express", who can only be recognized as a rainbow-colored silhouette. Detached from space and time, she dances wildly over a chessboard and is about to move away from the edge of the geometrically defined ground to dive into the infinity of the universe.

These are just three examples of the incredible wealth of different artistic positions that this online auction offers.

With 122 works in the price range from 100 to 5,500 euros.

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Dr. Dr. Thomas Rusche talks personally about the thematically curated ONLINE ONLY auction "Madness" and highlights two of the works. He describes what the title of the auction means and how Mitja Ficko and Jan Dörre deal with the topic.