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Explanations to the Catalogue

Each condition report which has been made available by VAN HAM Fine Art Auctioneers is the opinion of our experts and does not constitute any claim of guarantee by VAN HAM Fine Art Auctioneers.


Specifications of Alloy Content and Weight Determination

The alloy content of unmarked as well as unstamped precious metals are examined with gold acid tests. The term "total weight" refers to the jewel or the group in its entirely, including precious metals, stones, and organic substances. The carat (weight) determinations of diamonds and other precious stones are calculated in their present state using the Presidium Electronic Gemstone Gauge or based on an attached examination, which should be used for guidance only. Discrepancies in the examination of diamonds and precious stones may result. VAN HAM assumes no responsibility for these differences. The calculated carat value is approximate (denoted by "circa"). VAN HAM is not responsible for any discrepancies within reasonable limits.

Treatment of Precious Stones

Conventionally, gemstones have been treated with different technical processes to enhance their color or improve their general appearance. Rubies and sapphires were usually heated, while emeralds were treated with oil or resin to improve color and purity. These and other techniques such as coloring, irradiation, coating, and impregnation may be applied to other gemstones. Although it is widely believed that heat treatments are permanent, buyers should assume that any treatment might subside and that a gemstone may require special care over a longer period of time. We wish to remind potential clients that, in the event that no specific note about the natural state of the stone has been made in the catalogue description, we presume a possible prior treatment and that such a treatment is not necessarily permanent. Our estimates take this into account.

Specifications in Appraisals

In the event that VAN HAM possesses laboratory reports indicating specific details about the treatment of a stone, these reports will be shared with potential clients. Extant reports from internationally recognized gemological laboratories would be noted in the catalogue description of the object. New types of treatments and new scientific methods of detecting these treatments are constantly being developed. As a result, there may be discrepancies between laboratories as to particular treatments, the nature of such treatments, as well as their durability. Such statements or reports from gemological laboratories are for guidance only. VAN HAM is in no way responsible for errors or omissions in these documents, or in any supplemental reports.

Condition Reports

Information about the condition of lots is usually provided in catalogue descriptions. However, a lack of information does not indicate the immaculate condition of a lot, or that it is blemish-free. VAN HAM gladly advises its potential clients about any lot included in its auctions. Please contact one of our specialists. Contact information can be found in any auction catalogue.


Clocks and Watches

The completeness and operability of watches cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances. Buyers are advised to consult an expert of their choice as regards the function of their watch. Buyers are advised that water-tight or water-proof watches will have been opened by our experts during the preparation of the catalogue, as well as possibly repeatedly during the preview, in order to allow a detailed description. VAN HAM Fine Art Auctions cannot guarantee under any circumstances, that the watches will be water-tight or water-proof at the time of purchase. 


Rating System for wrist- and pocketwatches

For the valuation of wrist- and pocketwatches please refer to our rating system.

Rating system


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