How do I sell art at VAN HAM?

Together one goal: to sell your art successfully at top prices!

The competent and experienced team of experts at VAN HAM Art Auctions accompanies the sale of your art. From cataloguing and marketing to auctioning, our common goal is to sell your work of art or object at the highest possible price. 4 simple steps lead to the successful sale of your art.

1. Non-binding estimate

1. Schätzung

We are happy to give you free and non-binding estimates for your artworks and objects: Our departments with experience and profound market knowledge are always at your side. Make an appointment with our experts, who are available for you personally and throughout Germany to answer all questions concerning the sale of your art.

If you do not have the opportunity to come in person, we will be happy to give you a non-binding estimate of your art based on photos. The more detailed the information you send us, the more effectively we can process your request. Please note to send us the following information and photos of your objects in appropriate quality:

  • Front and back in full
  • Detail shots of: Signatures, titles, designations, labels, damages, etc.
  • additional information: receipts, provenance or exhibition history
  • Please make sure that your personal details are complete: Name, telephone number, e-mail address and contact person. We ask for your understanding that we can only assign and answer your inquiry if your contact data is complete.

For larger collections or estates, our experts will also be happy to visit you on request. In addition, we offer a valuation service for insurance and inheritance cases.

For a non-binding and trustworthy valuation of your art, please use our object valuation form, send us an inquiry by email to or make an appointment by phone (T +49 (221) 92 58 62-0)

Do you have a larger collection, would you like a full estate valuation, or would you like the experts to visit you?

2. Conditions & Contract

2. Konditionen & Vertrag

After a personal meeting and the appraisal of your objects, our experts will determine the auction conditions for your work of art or object together with you and present you with the contract. Our offer is tailored to your individual needs. In a personal consultation we will be happy to explain the most favourable conditions for you. If an object remains unsold, you will not incur any processing or insurance costs.

3. Marketing & Auction

A professional treatment of your artwork is an essential step for the successful sale of your art. Before the auction, all works of art and objects are therefore photographed in our own professional photo studio. Subsequently, a detailed research completes the profile of each object sold in an auction or ONLINE ONLY auction.

Our more than 18 annual presence auctions and over 20 online auctions are marketed on- and offline weeks before the auction in order to make your works of art internationally known in advance. About 3 weeks before the auction our elaborately designed and fully illustrated catalogues are sent out worldwide. The online catalogues on our homepage, offer additional illustrations and detailed images, as well as a search function, which allows customers to search for an artist, an art movement or a category. Via the search file, interested parties are informed as soon as a work of art of interest is offered for sale. During previews in the spacious premises of our Cologne headquarters, as well as in our representative offices in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, your objects will be exhibited in order to present the work in its original form to interested customers. On the day of the auction you can watch the auction on site or live via our homepage. We work together with four international auction platforms, which will present your object to customers from Germany and abroad. At the same time, since January 2019, we are the only German auction house to have our own online auction portal. The results are sent to you after the auction.


4. Payment & after sales

After the successful sale of your art and after receipt of the buyer's payment, the proceeds will be paid out. Payment is usually made 5 - 6 weeks after the auction. If an object has not been sold during the auction, it often finds a happy buyer during the post-auction sale.


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