European Applied Art



The Department

European Applied Arts counts as one of VAN HAM's oldest and most traditional departments. Founded in 1959 by Carola van Ham, it constituted the core business of the auction house. Christoph Bouillon continues this tradition today; his commitment has made the European Applied Arts Department one of Germany's most successful.

Entire collections of museum-quality objects are often entrusted to VAN HAM; these include the Laurenzen, Grothe, and Freckmann Collections. Equally valuable and at times spectacular individual consignments have also found their rightful place among the pages of the department's elaborately designed catalogues. Through well-established connections to collectors, public institutions, and museums, the department's sales have always been crowned with successes.

The offerings appear in three sales per year and cover select furniture, silver, porcelain and art objects, and Art Nouveau and Art Deco objects, among several other categories.

Christoph Bouillon (Head of Department)

+49 221 92 58 62 32


"Nochmals herzlichen Dank für die vorzügliche Expertise und das exquisite Präsentieren!"

- Peter W., Deutschland

Johanna Bemmann-Orth

+49 221 92 58 62 52


"Sehr professionell und hilfreich, vielen Dank."

- Matthias H., Deutschland

Susanne Mehrgardt

+49 221 92 58 62 56


"Thank you and thank for all your help providing photos and arranging for my commission bid. I'm sure I'll be pleased with my purchase which wouldn't have been possible without your assistance."

- Bryan C., Großbritannien

Maria Miltschitzky (Trainee)

+49 221 92 58 62 85

Dr. Barbara Janßen (Parental leave)

+49 221 92 58 62 14


"Nochmals möchte ich mich von ganzem Herzen für die gute Zusammenarbeit bedanken. Ihre Kompetenz, Marktkenntnis und professionelle Abwicklung haben mich von Anfang an begeistert und mir das Gefühle gegeben meine Kunstwerke in die richtigen Händen gegeben zu haben. Also tausend Dank für alles."

- Gustav L., Deutschland