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Following the retirement of senior partner Dr. Werner Stopp in 1996, Reinhard Singer began to direct the Painting Department. Since then, the department's constant development, particularly in the area of Old Master paintings, can be measured by its numerous, internationally relevant results. If VAN HAM was respected in the 1990s as a reliable saleroom for German schools of painting, it is known today on an international scale.

Spectacular hammer prices attest to the department's established position. Consider the impressive hammer price for the rare work "Die Löwenjagd", created by the painter and Indonesian Prince Raden Saleh ben Jaggia's; or the result for the painting "Der Zahnarzt" by Gerrit Dou, a student of Rembrandt, whose work sold for nearly 3 million euros and set a record that made it the most expensive painting sold on the German market at that time.

Yet in no way have the old, 'safe paths' of nineteenth century German painting been forgotten. The painting "Im Hafen von Jaffa" by Gustav Bauernfeind achieved nearly 1 million euros, setting not only a record for a nineteenth-century painting, but also a worldwide record for a work by the artist. The department's dedicated, knowledgeable team has created a trustworthy basis for collaboration and can thereby rely on the support of a global network of experts.

Reinhard Singer (Head of the Department)

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"You have, as expected, once again, gone the extra mile! Thank you very much!"

- Erwin R., Deutschland

Dr. Davide Dossi

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"Congratulations on your good eye and intuition. It is a true joy to be supported by a person who lives his profession and likes to share his knowledge with others. Thank you very much!"

- Magherita B., Florence

Stefan Hörter

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- Axel K., Deutschland

Sarah Maria Mans (Trainee)

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