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Two times per year, VAN HAM holds comprehensive sales of valuable jewellery, as well as wrist- and pocket watches. The auction house has become one of Germany’s market leaders in this collecting category. The focus of the sales falls to historic jewelry and fine jewels from the Art Deco era and boasts objects by Cartier, Van Clefe & Arpels and Boucheron.

Signed originals of fine quality from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries can also be found in VAN HAM’s sales. A large portion of each sale features natural pearls, reflecting a high buyer’s demand for these objects. Along with historic jewellery, the sales also feature modern designs by Hemmerle, Bulgari and Chopard that will surely attract enthusiasts and collectors.The sales also cover wrist- and pocket watches by renowned manufacturers such as Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier, Glashütte and Lange & Söhne. The Jewellery, Jewels, and Watches auctions take place in May and November. For non-binding estimates, please contact our experts.

Christoph Bouillon (Acting Head of the Department)

+49 221 92 58 62 32


"Nochmal Danke für die tolle Zusammenarbeit, Sie wussten von Anfang an um die Qualität der Juwelier Armspange."

- Catrin A., Deutschland

Jakob Zeijl

+49 221 92 58 62 60​​​​​​​


"Ich bedanke mich für die angenehme Atmosphäre bei der Übergabe unserer Schätze heute morgen!"

- Gerhard M., Deutschland

Maria Miltschitzky (Trainee)

+49 221 92 58 62 85