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Having a competent partner is indispensible to the managament and marketing of artists' estates. By establishing VAN HAM Art Estate, VAN HAM offers a comprehensive service that draws on our years of experience in the art market and our commitment to traditional, scholarly engagement with art.

Why do some artists fall into oblivion after their death? In many cases, the artist's heirs and subsequent generations lack the knowledge of how to adequately preserve the legacy of the deceased artist. Indeed, this process requires specialized knowledge of the art market, the proper handling of art and its conservation, collaboration with museums and galleries, as well as professional contact with news sources and regular publications.

The proper management of an artist's estate depends on the artist's public presence, as well as her/his reputation and relative importance on the art market. The neglect of these factors can allow an artist to easily be forgotten. Normally, it is difficult for heirs to manage all of these diverse and time-consuming requirements. Such management demands experts with the appropriate knowledge and skillset, in addition to connections to a well-developed network of curators, conservators, gallerists, and journalists.

The care and preservation of the estate is also often twinned with the desire to sell certain works. In this regard, it is important that an artist maintains not simply a presence on the market. He or she must also remain memorable. Again, here, well-organized estate management is essential. although the need for skilled administra-tion of artists' estates continues to grow, there were no large and significant service providers. VAN HAM is now meeting this demand with the founding of VAN HAM Art Estate.

As a fine art auction house, VAN HAM has many advantages: a dominant market position; a high level of expertise; a prominent media presence; several publications; its own department of public relations; a modern website; and extensive logistic services and storage facilities. The key skills of VAN HAM Art Estate stem from its decades of experience as an auction house: evaluations, condition reports, and marketing.

Through its use of the software program HIDA designed to archive museum collections and bequests, VAN HAM Art Estate is connected to the Cologne Museums association. Foto Marburg and the Volkswagen Foundation developed the software.

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Dr. Renate Goldmann (Director)

+49 221 92 58 62 500


"Herzlichen Dank für diese neuerliche Erfolgsmeldung. Dann hat sich ja das Konzept und die Vorgehensweise insgesamt als genau richtig herausgestellt. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum heutigen (erneuten) Erfolg."

-Patrick M., Deutschland

Philipp Lines Lange (Project Manager)

+49 221 92 58 62 502


"I am impressed, as well by the looks, the contenu and the general quality. The setting, fotos and literature are really outstanding … Also my objects: I am very happy with the way they are presented. Thank you very much for handling this so well."

- Marc C., Belgien

Clemens Scheuermann, geb. Klöckner (Project Manager)

+49 221 92 58 62 505


Am Freitag hatte ich dank der Einladung Ihres Hauses die Gelegenheit, die Vernissage hier in Berlin zu sehen. Es war wirklich überwältigend - ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass so viele Meisterwerke überhaupt noch auf dem Markt sind.

-Margret K., Berlin

Melanie Rams (Project Assistance)

+49 221 92 58 62 504

Elisa Dorin (Social Media and Public Relations)

+49 221 92 58 62 111


"Sehr professionell und hilfreich, vielen Dank."

- Matthias H., Deutschland