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Harlamoff’s major artistic output focuses on young girls and women and the art-lover is usually given the task of attributing identities to the diverse faces. A vain task, these are idealised “portraits”!

We chose to structure his work according to phenotypes, the enviromentally and genetically determined observable appearance of a person. Although the outward, physical manifestation of his “sitters” is of consistent quality, the beholder is permanently confronted with a phenotype that is not genetically controlled although it appears to be so. For this reason most auction catalogues use terms like “Gipsy” at random to describe Harlamoff’s young girls or women. Our new appoach in this catalogue raisonnè endeavors to enable the reader to grasp and understand the composite world of Harlamoff.

The printed version of the catalogue raisonné is the first book on the Russian painter Alexei Harlamoff. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Art in St. Petersburg, Harlamoff spent most of his life in France. Though his choice of subject matter was somewhat limited, Harlamoff’s art is enchanting for its good taste, unique charm, infallible instinct for a wide range of hues of colour and simply for art in itself.

English / Russian
304 pages
290 mostly coloured depictions
20 coloured depictions
Düsseldorf 2007

Price: € 59 (plus shipping costs)



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