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In addition to marketing art, VAN HAM is also committed to art historical research. VAN HAM has made important contributions to the integration of research and the art market, and as result, strengthening a trusting relationship between buyers and sellers.

Appeal: Paul Kleinschmidt- Catalogue Raisonné paintings and works on paper

VAN HAM Art Publications is working on the a new and exciting project: the catalogue raisonné of paintings and works on paper by Paul Kleinschmidt. Dr. Felix Billeter is responsible for the publication.

The new catalogue will be based on Dr. Barbara Lipps-Kant's dissertation "Paul Kleinschmidt 1883 - 1949" from 1977. The project is realized in cooperation with the descendants of Kleinschmidt and the Paul Kleinschmidt society.

It is our goal to accumulate his entire oeuvre of paintings as well as watercolours and drawings. Therefore we ask you for your help: Please send all information about yet unknown works to or Of course we will treat these information confidentially.

For museums, collectors and art dealers the catalogue raisonné will be the binding source for all research on Paul Kleinschmidt.

Symposium Der Faktor Mensch

The central subject of the symposium "Der Faktor Mensch" was the generational transition with reference to art. The symposium approached the field in an interdisciplinary manner, bringing together those directly involved, such as collectors, artists or gallery owners, and the professionals professionally involved with the issues and placing biographical upheavals in a wider context of understanding. The podium presented the current state of research on generational succession, especially with regard to the protagonists with an art reference. Sociological and psychological findings were brought together with expertise on inheritance and foundation law, including questions of valuation. For the value of art, which is assigned by experts, is often decisive in determining whether the solutions envisaged for possible tax burdens or claims to a compulsory portion are appropriate in individual cases. The panel is driven by the conviction that it is possible for the actors to make the transition legally correct and satisfactory for all parties involved.

The publication on the symposium has now been published by VAN HAM Art Publications, with contributions by Sasa Hanten-Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Jens Beckert, Dr. Michael Holtz, Thorsten Klinkner, Prof. Dr. Harald Falckenberg and Prof. Dr. Angela Utermann.

ISBN 978-3-9815510-3-7

Otto Mueller - Catalogue Raisonné

The catalogue raisonné Otto Mueller in two volumes shows all paintings as well as all drawings and watercolours. It reflects the current state of research: new sources and the database "Degenerate Art" of the Humboldt University of Berlin provide new insights into the provenances.

Otto Mueller is one of the most important artists of Expressionism. Despite his affiliation to the artists of the "Brücke", he developed an individual style. Sensitive pictures of bathers stand next to portraits and motifs from the life of the Roma, for whom he shows a pronounced empathy.

Mueller uncompromisingly concentrates on these subjects, constantly varying them anew. His search for paradisiacal harmony and closeness to nature is particularly evident in his impressive works on paper. He finds intimate access to his models and subjects in colored pencil drawings, pastels and watercolors.

As part of the preview on May 22, 2020, VAN HAM invites you to a book presentation with the author Dr. Tanja Pirsig-Marshall. Further information will be available here and in our newsletter shortly.

ISBN 978-3-86502-423-7

Karl Hofer - Catalogue Raisonné of Drawings

In April 2008, VAN HAM Art Publications published the catalogue raisonné of paintings by Expressionist Karl Hofer (1878-1955). Karl Bernhard Wohlert compiled the three volumes containing a total of 2,900 paintings. Hofer's oeuvre spans a creative period of around 57 years, between 1898 and 1955-the most fascinating period during which artistic production transition from Art Nouveau to modernism. VAN HAM also maintains a portion of the Hofer Estate.

ISBN: 978-3-9815510-13

Karl Hofer - Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings

In April 2008, VAN HAM Art Publications published the catalogue raisonné of paintings by Expressionist Karl Hofer (1878-1955). Karl Bernhard Wohlert compiled the three volumes containing a total of 2,900 paintings. Hofer's oeuvre spans a creative period of around 57 years, between 1898 and 1955-the most fascinating period during which artistic production transition from Art Nouveau to modernism. VAN HAM also maintains a portion of the Hofer Estate.

ISBN: 978-3-00-021487-5

Karl Fred Dahmen - Catalogue Raisonné

For the first time, and with a total of 1,637 works on 1,192 pages, the catalogue raisonné presents the complete works by this significant postwar artist. Alongside the 'informal' works of the 1950s and 60s, one also finds the artist's object cases and material pictures of the 1960s and 70s, as well as his later 'Furchenbilder'. The book includes all the information expected of a catalogue raisonné: a work's title, dimensions, date, medium, current provenance, bibliography, exhibition history, and as necessary, additional commentary.

ISBN: 3-88375-750-0

Fritz Klimsch - Eine Dokumentation

In 1991, VAN HAM published documentation on Fritz Klimsch's body of work (1870-1966). Hermann Braun compiled the text from his own research, which documents over 230 works, some unknown or known only from hearsay. Braun discovered forty of such works over the course of the project. With this publication, the achievements of Klimsch received much needed reevaluation. Indeed, the artist played an important role among leading sculptors in Berlin from the late nineteenth century to 1943. An extensive retrospective with over 60 works by the sculptor was also curated by Dr. Werner Stopp in 1991. The show provided the opportunity to document the work of the artist in its near entirely, and to reintroduce to the public what had previously been considered forty lost objects.

ISBN: 3-9802780-0-X

Franz Robaud - Catalogue Raisonné

In October 2012 VAN HAM Art publications publishes the catalogue raisonné of the Russian artist Franz Roubaud (1856 - 1928). This authors of this book are Olga Sugrobova-Roth and Eckart Lingenauber.

Roubauds most famous work ist the panorama painting "Battle of Borodino" in 1812, which Roubaud painted for the 100th anniversary of his native land's war. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Russian liberation and the reopening of the Museum "Battle of Borodino" in Moscow, VAN HAM Art Publications publishes this catalogue raisonné.

ISBN: 978-3-9815510-0-6

Alexei Harlamoff - Catalogue Raisonné

This catalogue raisonné is the first publication about the Russian artist Alexei Harlamoff. Harlamoff is famous for his portraits of young girls and women. The art-lover is usually given the task of attributing identities to the diverse faces - a vain task, they are idealised portraits. Though his choice of subject matter was somewhat limited, Harlamoff's art is enchanting for its good taste, unique charm, infallible instinct for a wide range of hues of colour and simply for art in itself.

ISBN: 978-3-00-021204-8

Boris Anisfeld - Catalogue Raisonné

With this publication Olga Sugrobova-Roth and Eckart Lingenauber devote themselves to the work of the Russian-American painter, graphic artist and stage designer Boris Anisfeld (1879 - 1973). His works are characterized by his strong tendency to stylisation and his affection for exotical creations of oriental motives. His work was influenced by Art Nouveau and the aesthetic views of the artistic movement Mir iskusstva. His paintings are part of the Art Gallery in Chicago and the Tretjakov Gallery in Moscow.

ISBN: 978-3-9812434-0-6

Symposium 2016 Management von Künstlernachlässen

The subject of artists' estates has recently been the subject of many discussions - a sign that to date there have been more questions than solutions. With the symposium "Management of artists' estates. Scientific support, structuring, financing and marketing", VAN HAM Art Estate, in cooperation with the Berlin law firm dtb Rechtsanwälte, has devoted itself to the topic of artist discounts under a new aspect. The focus of the conference was on the legal and economic structuring of an artist's estate and its sustainable financing - topics that have been neglected or ignored at previous events. Thus it was a request to us the multiple desire for publication of the results to follow and it is therefore pleased us very much to you this publication now to present to be able.

The publication consists of 144 pages and contains all lectures of the symposium.

ISBN: 978-3-9815510-20

Order To the symposium Extract

VAN HAM Art Magazine

The VAN HAM Art Magazine in a new design. Read about auctions and records of the fall season 2020 as well as news for the upcoming spring 2021.

Joseph Beuys - 3-Tonnen-Edition Unterwasser-Buch

In addition to numerous interesting multiples, the catalogue of the special sale Joseph Beuys - Multiples on June 1, 2016 also contained a scientific highlight in the form of lot number 1182, a bundle of 30 PVC films that Joseph Beuys had originally intended for the book project of the Underwater Book. Beuys and Wolleh originally planned to publish the motifs, supplemented by texts by Georg Jappe, as an "Underwater Book" in 45 x 45 cm format with waterproof printing on plastic foil. In fact, the required foils were also printed (allegedly with a total weight of 3 tons), but the book planned in 200 copies was not produced due to technical difficulties.

With the present special print from the auction catalogue, for the first time a complete illustration of all slides of the book that did not come into being as well as their publication in the planned sequence is provided. The Krämer numbers were used for identification.

Karl Fred Dahmen - Und die Fotografie

Karl Fred Dahmen belongs to the most important artist of Informalism and Tachisme. His artistic estate and his archive are maintained by the VAN HAM Art Estate.

A large quantity of photographs can be found in Dahmen’s estate which is why this section needs to be granted great importance. For this reason Klaus Honnef, professor for photography, has now dealt with Karl Fred Dahmen’s connection to photography on behalf of VAN HAM Art Estate. In his essay Prof. Honnef takes a look at the different photographic records and discovers that it is not Dahmen himself, but the artist’s work, as well as its finding and implementation phase that are central, although Dahmen’s photogenic impact cannot be denied. The gripping and revealing essay will now be published for the first time and offers another approach to the oeuvre of Karl Fred Dahmens.

The Art of the Sale

Our brochure The Art of the Consignment serves as guideline for all who are interested in auctions. Here, we describe in detail how art objects can be sold and bought at VAN HAM. Experts and amateurs, longtime friends of our auction house and newcomers alike: all can learn about new and exciting events at VAN HAM and find several current images. We will gladly send you a complimentary copy upon request.

50 Years - Your Bridge to Art

Cologne 1959. Art historian Carola van Ham founded the auction house Kunsthaus am Museum in the West German metropolis and home to the great cathedral. As Europe's first female auctioneers, van Ham asserted herself in what was once a male-dominated profession. With much optimism, sound art historical knowledge, and business acumen, she led her company to a top position among German auction houses. For a half a century, VAN HAM has worked successfully in the art market. Our dynamic history is documented in a comprehensive illustrated book, which was published in 2009. In addition, the text shares fascinating anecdotes taken from the family business's five decades of art market activity.

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