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Van Ham holds Germany’s first NFT auction

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Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs have evolved rapidly as virtual securitizations of art and collectibles, with digital works fetching record prices. This autumn, Hybrid NFTs will fall under the gavel for the first time at a German auction house at Van Ham: at the Modern Week, a special NFT sale will be offered with works by photographer Gavin Evans: five unique “Godpixel”, each with an accompanying signed print.

On 1 December 2021, Gavin Evans and Van Ham Kunstauktionen will sell five unique works at the very first German NFT auction: a series of Hybrid NFTs of so-called “Godpixel” showing Rock and Pop icons and Hollywood stars. The selection of unique NFTs comprises one of the most iconic portraits of David Bowie from “The Session” photo shoot as well as portraits of singer Björk and James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

“Photography is already a digital medium – securitization to an NFT is a logical extention of this art form”, comments Markus Eisenbeis, Executive Partner of Van Ham.

With his legendary portraits of cultural icons such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave, Berlin based British photographer Gavin Evans became renowned the world over. Evans has been experimenting with the transposition of his works into the virtual world since the first days of the digital revolution. With his project Subject to Change – Hyperreality and the Godpixel, Evans has found a way to translate his iconic portraits into virtual artworks. For each work he started by taking two of his photographs, portraits of the same subject. These initial pictures differed in time or expression or both. Using morphing software, Gavin Evans painstakingly created a sequence of 99 frames bridging the two source originals. Finally he removed the two original images: what remains are 99 images of creation which are indistinguishable from reality – a sequence of pure hyperreality.

Subject to Change is a collection of 19 subjects comprising 24 hyperreal works that were created over a period of two years. Each work consists of a 10-second (NFT) 8K digital video, 300x 8K (NFT) still frames, 1x 58 Megapixel Godpixel NFT plus 1x signed NFT Limited Edition Godpixel print.

For the Van Ham’s inaugural NFT auction Gavin Evans will be presenting 5 unique “Godpixel” 58 Megapixel NFTs with accompanying 50x50cm signed Limited Edition NFT Godpixel prints. These prints bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world, making the work a Hybrid NFT.

“Photography has always been a source of fascination and frustration. Until now I have struggled to use the medium to purely create, not merely capture or document. Subject To Change – Hyperreality and the Godpixel is the revelation; the photograph doesn’t stop at the press of a button.” Gavin Evans




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