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Responsible persons

The content of this Facebook Page is the responsibility of

Van Ham Art Publications GmbH

Jointly responsible persons for the operation of this Facebook page are Facebook Ireland Ltd. in the sense of the EU General Data Protection Regulation as well as other data protection-juridical regulations (hereinafter referred to as "Facebook"), 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal, Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland and

Van Ham Art Publications GmbH, Hitzelerstr. 2, 50968 Cologne, Germany.

Data protection officer is:

EU-CON BeraterForum GmbH
Markus Weuthen
Waldfeuchter Str. 266
52525 Heinsberg, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 2452 - 99 33 11

Information about our Facebook page:

With the operation of this site we pursue the interest to draw attention to our company, our products and services and to get in contact with visitors of the site. For further information, please refer to our website, which you can reach at .

When you visit our site, your personal data is collected by Facebook. Even if you are not registered with Facebook or have not logged in, the provider may collect and store your IP address and other identifying information. For more information about data processing by Facebook, please visit

We have no control over what information Facebook collects and we do not have full access to that information. We can only see the information you post. In your Facebook settings (, you can decide for yourself which information should be publicly visible. Here you can also hide your "likes". If you no longer want to be listed among the fans of this site, you also have the option of no longer following this page.

If you want to file an objection against the processing (opt-out), you can do this here

and here .

Facebook provides us with anonymous statistics on the use and performance of the page. These include the total number of page views, "like" information, page activity, post interactions, reach, video views, post reach, comments, shared content, responses, proportion of men and women, country and city origin, language, shop views and clicks, route planner clicks, phone number clicks. We also receive information about the groups linked to our Facebook page.

We only use your data in pseudonymous form, i.e. instead of your name or other identification features we use a pseudonym which can no longer be assigned to you. We use this data to improve our services, including the technical design of the website. It is not possible for us to draw conclusions about individual users from these statistics. In your Facebook settings, you can decide for yourself whether targeted advertising is displayed to you.

We only receive personal data via Facebook that you actively communicate to us, e.g. via a message or a form. We will then use your data to respond to your request in our customer service. Your data will be stored in our CRM system for this purpose.

The data is used to adapt our offer on Facebook to the wishes of our visitors. For example, we can evaluate the number of "likes" of different contributions and thus determine which contributions are more popular with users. We can also use demographic data, such as the average age or gender of our visitors, to, for example, adapt our salutations. We may identify fans and subscribers to the site and view the information you post. Each Facebook user has agreed to this when creating their profile in the Terms of Use.

Facebook has submitted to the EU-US Privacy Shield and thus gives its promise to comply with European data protection regulations. Further information on the Privacy Shield can be found here:

We cannot influence the data processing procedures and the data collected. We are not aware of the full scope of data collection, the purposes of processing or the storage periods. We also do not have any information on the deletion of the collected data by the provider. Further information on data processing by Facebook can be found here:

User rights

If you wish to make use of your rights (e.g. right to information or your right to correction or deletion), you should contact Facebook directly in this case, since only Facebook has full access to your account and your data. In this context, however, we are happy to offer you our help if you have any questions or problems.

With the functions "I no longer like this page" and "No longer subscribe to this page" you can cancel your connection to our page.

This site is operated on the basis of our legitimate interests, i.e. interest in the secure and efficient provision, analysis and optimisation of our online services, as well as a modern opportunity for interaction for and with our users and visitors pursuant to Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. f. GDPR.