SØR Rusche Collection - Realities – ONLINE ONLY

21 August to 3 September 2020


21 August to 3 September 2020, 6pm CET
No 1 - 125

The first online auction of the SØR Rusche Collection after the summer break deals with the representation of reality in art.

For a long time, artists were clearly prescribed what was worthy of representation. In the Middle Ages, a painter was a craftsman who created religious depictions according to certain guidelines. Depicted were saints and their attributes. Everyday life only found its way into the pictures to a very limited extent, for example when Maria Lactans, nurses her child. Even such basically very human representations were rather stylized and had little to do with the real process of breastfeeding.

With the Renaissance artists broke away from the strict guidelines and began to deal with objects and pictorial content that had previously been considered unworthy of depiction. One of the most famous examples will probably be Albrecht Dürer's field hare from 1502.

In contemporary art, the distinction between worthy and unworthy of the picture, one of the great achievements of modernism, is no longer applicable. The contemporary artists in the SØR Rusche Collection make use of everyday objects or realistic scenes in a variety of ways.

Catherine Hughes can probably be seen as a master of the aesthetic of the banal. At first glance, her works captivate through composition and choice of colour. Curious, the viewer realizes at second glance that the appealing works actually show rather unattractive motifs. Cigarette butts, chewing gum stains, or building rubble, as in the work "Site" from 2008, are staged here in a poetic, touching way.

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