SØR Rusche Collection | The Collector's Eye – ONLINE ONLY

28 September – 8 October 2020


28 September – 8 October 2020, 6pm CET
No 1 - 118

In correspondance  to the auction "Gute Kunst? Sammeln!" which will take place on October 7th, the online auction „The Collector’s Eye“ will also deal with the view of the collector Thomas Rusche.

The collection reflects his fascinating personality and the high standards he sets for good art. Thomas Rusche is not only interested in his own joy in art but in making an impact beyond the boundaries of the collection.

He chooses works of art with topics of elementary importance to society and is not afraid of ambivalent or critical contents. Discourse is very important to Thomas Rusche. The viewers of art should not accept works and statements without questioning them.

Special attention is also paid to the dialogue between artists across epochs and cultural boundaries. Thus the collection itself was created and has grown in the dialogue of contemporary art with Old Masters. This dialogue leads to the viewer's examination of the work of art and putting herself or himself in relation to it.

To promote this dialogue, the SØR Rusche Collection has been made accessible to the general public in numerous international exhibitions. With scientifically based exhibition catalogs, the discourse was made possible beyond the temporary exhibition.

The exhibitions and publications also serve the purpose of promoting and making known the young artists who are so numerously represented in the collection. Thomas Rusche aims to bring them out of the studios and into the public domain so that they receive the attention they deserve.

In the auction, over one hundred works by these young artists will be offered for sale, among others: Irene Bisang, Martin Galle, Corinne von Lebusa or Johannes Rochhausen.

The auction includes 118 works with a price range from  150 to  1.800 euros.

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