SØR Rusche Collection – Being Human– ONLINE ONLY

6 - 14 January 2021


6 - 14 January 2021, 6pm CET
No 1 - 130

Being human in art is important to Thomas Rusche. Art can distract us from the everyday or make us see it clearly. But above all, art has the ability to free us from our hamster wheel of work, family and everyday life and to inspire us for the "whole other". For everything that is still hidden in the world outside any cosmos.

For Thomas Rusche it is important to surround oneself with good art, because it "makes the rollercoaster ride of life more bearable". 

This whole other life is shown by the works of the SØR Rusche Collection in this Online Only auction.

As a counterpart to the everyday scenes of his 17th century Dutch paintings, Thomas Rusche began collecting everyday depictions of contemporary artitst in the early 2000s. People in their habitat, portraits, everyday objects or scenes of normal life.

They all reflect very personally what the artist is concerned with on a daily basis. The paintings of the Online Only Auction "Being Human" explicitly deal with the topic of being human and the environment. Who are we, what significance do we have on the whole. How significant or insignificant are we and our actions in detail? The Online Only Auction "Being Human" deals with the many themes of human life: birth & death, love & eroticism, family & friends and shows us how differently contemporary artists interpret humanity in all its facets.

From Christian Achenbach to Irene Bisang and Corinne von Lebusa to Norbert Tadeusz, many interesting artists from the SØR Rusche Collection are represented again.

The catalogue can be seen from 6 January 2021.

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