The Enduring Appeal of Abstraction

2 – 10 November 2022, 6 p.m.

Auction: 2 – 10 November 2022
The first lot expires at 6pm.

Abstraction as an enduring fascination. In the online auction, more than 100 lots will be offered, focusing on painterly works of modern and contemporary art whose pictorial content breaks away from the object-relatedness of earlier centuries. By removing and renouncing the representational, the artists achieve a detachment from a naturalistic, reality-based representation. Shapes, colors, lines and contrasts alone are declared to be the content of the picture. The goal is an alienation up to the unrecognizability. The absolute painting, as the abstract painting is sometimes called, allows the artist a greater freedom in the expression of his innermost and represents a form of expression far from guidelines and motif specifications. The origins of abstraction lie in the first decade of the 20th century. Even in the recent present, abstraction is an important means of expression for contemporary artists.

With artworks by:

Josef Albers | Carlo Alfano | Amador | Bernhard Aubertin | Max Bill | Hartmut Böhm | Karl Bohrmann | Antonio Calderara |  Alexander Calder | Tony Cragg | Karl Fred Dahmen | Walter Dexel | Günther Dienst |  Pierro Dorazio | Ulrich Erben | Lucio Fontana | Klaus Fußmann | Günther Förg | Sam Francis | Rupprecht Geiger | Karl Gerstner | Raimund Girke | Kuno Gonschior | Karl Otto Götz | Gotthard Graubner | Katharina Grosse | Hans Hartung | Edgar Hofschen | Raimer Jochims | György Jovánovics | Fritz Klemm | Imi Knoebel | Jan Kotik | Laszlo Lackner | Thilo Maatsch | Heinz Mack | Marcello Morandini | Jürgen Partenheimer | Finn Pedersen | Karl Georg Pfahler | Lothar Quinte | Arnulf Rainer | Gerhard Richter | Dieter Roth | Bernhard Schultze | Rolf- Richard Serra | Antoni Tàpies | Fred Alfred Theophil | Marc Tobey | Günther Uecker | Fritz Winter | Gerhard Wittner | Zao Wou-Ki | Zaini | Bernd Zimmer

In the price range from € 50 - 7.000.

The catalogue can be seen from 2 November.

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