Charity auction at the summit

Two cable car cabins of the Nebelhornbahn for a good cause

8 May 2021

Online-Catalogue of the Charity auction of the Nebelhornbahn on 8 May 2021


Due to the new construction of the Nebelhornbahn in Oberstdorf/Allgäu, two of the old and many vacationers familiar cabins were given to the relief organizations of the Lions Club Oberallgäu and the Rotary Club Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal. As part of a charity auction, both clubs now want to auction them off and use the proceeds regionally, in particular to support children, young people and young families who have fallen on hard times as a result of the Corona pandemic. It is a unique opportunity to acquire a piece of alpine history.

Markus Eisenbeis, President of the Rotary Club Cologne/Bonn Millennium and owner of the auction house Van Ham in Cologne, will assist the two clubs. He will conduct the auction on May 8, 2021 in the new Nebelhorn mountain station at over 2,000 meters, exclusively online. The cabins will be on view on request in the run-up to the auction nearby the valley station.

In the Online Catalogue interested parties can not only find out more about the cabins, but also register directly for the auction.

The historic Oberstdorf Nebelhornbahn started its maiden voyage on a balmy summer's day in June 1930 and is still considered one of the longest passenger ropeways in the world. It is still the longest cable car in Germany and thus one of the best known in the Alpine region. It is divided into three sections and leads up to the summit of the Nebelhorn. Over a good 5.7 kilometers in length, it overcomes a difference in altitude of around 1400 meters.

The two cabins now on offer have been in use since the renovation of the Nebelhornbahn in 1977 and served the section between the Seealpe mid-station at 1280 meters and the Höfatsblick top station at 1932 meters until 2020. Over a distance of 2617 meters, the cabins covered a height difference of 652 meters. A 360 kW motor provided the drive at the top station. The maximum speed was 12 m/s.

They enabled millions of skiers, hikers and mountain lovers to enjoy a unique mountain experience with exhilarating panoramic views of more than 400 peaks. These cabins are inseparably linked with memories of skiing vacations, Alpine hikes and family vacations and are thus likely to become a popular, though unusual, collector's item. Instead of being forgotten, the cabins can preserve these memories for their future owners.


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