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Art of the 20th Century | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 3 – 16 April, 6 pm


SØR Rusche Collection – Abstraction and Colour | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 10 – 23 April, 6 pm


The Joy of Nature | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 17 – 29 April, 6 pm 

After Sale

Line – Color | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 13 – 26 March, 6 pm 

Current Auction


Art of the 20th Century
3 to 16 April

With a wide variety  of art movements of the 20th century the online auction offers an interesting selection from Classical Modernism to the late 20th century. Discover in our online catalogue more than 130 works by internationally renowned artists such as Eduardo Chillida, Dieter Roth, Robert Rauschenberg, Imi Knoebel and Joseph Beuys.

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Upcoming Auction

SØR Rusche – „Abstraction and Colour“
10.-23. April

Thomas Rusche's collection of contemporary art is the result of a dialogue between contemporary art and Old Masters. It is therefore not surprising that there are many figurative works in the collection. That the collection also contains many fascinating abstract works is what our online auction in April will be about.

The theme "Abstraction and Colour" addresses two significant design features in art. It goes without saying that colour has been an indispensable means of creating art since the beginnings of painting. Among the contemporaries of the SØR Rusche Collection, you will now find everything from the pure pleasure of color composition, masterfully expressed by Pius Fox, to the subtle impression of an atmosphere in David Schnell's highly complex prints.

Compared to color composition, abstraction is a young discipline in the history of fine arts. The transition from figuration to abstraction is not hard-cut, but the transitions are fluid.



Past Auction

Line - Color
13 - 26 March

From lines to contours. From contours to shapes. With more than 110 works, the auction includes a wide-ranging offer from diverse 20th century art movements, such as Op Art, Concrete Art and Minimal Art.

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