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Current Auction

Line - Colour - Plane
8. to 21. February (6pm)

The focus of our carefully curated auction "Line - Colour - Plane" is on the subject of forms and colours in general, but especially on the varied relationships of 20th century art. With more than 70 works, the auction includes a diverse offer from renowned representatives of Op-Art, Concrete Art and Minimal Art.

The turn of the century marked a great turning point in art. Newly emerging art movements broke the traditional formal languages of art. Painting and sculpture thus increasingly distanced themselves from visible reality. In the post-war period, abstract painting in particular experienced an enormous increase in significance as a result of American Expressionism. On the other hand, however, new, simultaneously emerging styles were drastically delimited. For example, the artists of Minimal Art, created in America in the late 1950s, strive for objectivity, schematic clarity, and logic. Among the representatives of Concrete Art, basic geometric forms and a serial repetition were the main focus, with artists such as Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse, and Camille Gräser advocating the constructive principle. At the beginning of the 1960s, Op Art became an art with a strong interest in visual perception principles and the fascination of the physical laws of light and optics. Victor Vasarely, whose geometric abstractions consist of optical pictorial patterns with kinetic effects, can be cited as the most important representative and founder. What the various movements have in common is a rejection of the visible, perceptible reality and its visible forms towards a repertoire of forms that cannot be described as abstract. The new art movements do not want to abstract, since they do not alienate existing things, but are based on mathematical and geometric principles. Thus colours, forms, lines and even materials gain a new significance.


Upcoming Auctions

Prints & Multiples
22. February to 7. March (6pm)

Our online auction "Editions and Multiples" offers a comprehensive range of graphics and multiples. The auction includes works by the artist Joseph Beuys, who has been intensively involved with the subject of multiples and the resulting democratic art. In addition, there are works by Pop Art artists such as Andy Warhol, who were fascinated by the seriality of everyday life and understood this structure as the basis for the representation of the industrial age.

The carefully curated auction offer spans the diverse art movements of the last six decades and offers all art lovers and collectors an exciting insight into the world of multiples and editions. Discover more than 100 interesting works by renowned artists such as Christo, Robert Indiana, Georg Baselitz, Konrad Klapheck and Sigmar Polke in our online catalogue.




German Post War
08. March to 21. March (6pm)

With more than 100 works, we focus on the diversity of art after #45 and highlight important artists of German postwar art. The auction includes paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by post-war artists such as Max Ackermann, Markus Lüpertz, Sigmar POlke, Hann Trier, Jörg Immendorff and Karl Otto Götz.



Past Auctions

Post War
25. January - 7. February (6pm)

With more than 100 exciting works, our current Online Only Auction "Post War" focuses on the diversity of art after '45 and shows important German and international representatives of post-war art.
The auction includes prints, sculptures, drawings and paintings in the price range from 60 Euro to 8,000 Euro. A highlight of this online auction is the luxury edition of the Cologne Art Market Portfolio from 1970 with 27 works by 27 different artists.



Modern Art
11. - 24. January (6pm)

The successful format of our curated Online Only Auctions continues next year, starting with a "Modern Art" auction. This time, following an epoch-specific theme, we are presenting an exciting auction offer covering a wide range of 20th-century avant-garde art. 

Discover an interesting collection of modern drawings, prints and paintings, including works by artists such as Hans Arp, Georges Braque Joan Miro, Salvador Dalí, Max Liebermann and Oskar Kokoschka.



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