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German Post War | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 24 Jan. – 6 Feb., 6 pm 


SØR Rusche Collection – „Inside/Outside“ | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 05 – 18 Feb., 6 pm 


Prints! Prints! Prints! | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 14 – 27 Feb., 6 pm

Past Auction

SØR Rusche Collection - Human Interaction | ONLINE ONLY

Auction: 10 – 23 Jan., 6 pm 

Current Auction

German Post War
24 January - 6 February

With more than 120 works, we focus on the diversity of art after '45 and highlight important artists of German post-war art. The auction includes paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by post-war artists such as Max Ackermann, Markus Lüpertz, Sigmar Polke, Günther Uecker, Jörg Immendorff and Karl Otto Götz.

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Upcoming Auctions

SØR Rusche Collection – „Inside - Outside“
5 – 18 February


The second online auction of the SØR Rusche Collection this year is dedicated to the contemporary examination of the themes of interior and exterior space. Both are subjects that have a long tradition in the history of painting in the form of interiors and landscapes.

In contemporary art, the theme of the landscape has above all a critical tone. The work and intervention of human beings in nature with its sometimes catastrophic consequences become visible. But also the melancholically yearning view of nature that has accompanied the subject over the centuries is still relevant.

The theme of the interior has also been adapted. The artists sound out different spatial impressions, place objects or persons in relation to the space and suggest stories that ask to be explored.




Prints! Prints! Prints!
14 - 27 February

The online auction "Prints! Prints! Prints! offers an interesting selection of prints by the artists Robert Rauschenberg, Sam Francis, Sol Lewitt, Sigmar Polke, Claes Oldenburg and Joseph Albers, providing a comprehensive range of edition art. The variety of prints is large and ranges from etchings to lithographs and serigraphs to embossed prints. Especially for young collectors, prints offer the ideal introduction to building up their own art collection.

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Past Auction

SØR Rusche – „Human Interaction“

10 - 23 January

The first ONLINE ONLY auction of the SØR Rusche Collection in 2020 is dedicated to interpersonal relationships and the relationship of people with themselves and their environment. How does one see oneself in one’s environment, what position does one take in the world and how does one behave towards one’s counterpart?

Especially in the age of the digital world, interpersonal relationships are more important than ever. What constitutes real communication and real togetherness is shown to us first and foremost by artists Irene Bisang, Birgit Brenner and Corinne von Lebusa. In the online auction, however, you can also discover well-known contemporaries such as David Ostrowski, Johannes Hüppi, Cornelia Schleime, Tilo Baumgärtel and Herbert Volkmann.

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